Area Rug Care

Area Rug Care - Nourison Area Rug, CTY01, SIL 6x8

Your New AREA RUG, Congratulations!

Congratulations on your purchase of your new area rug. Area Rugs are an easy, beautiful way to decorate your home and make the statement you want to make! Here are some tips and things to consider to make sure your rug lasts as long as possible:

A new rug may shed when vacuumed for the first few times. Wools especially do this, but some synthetic fibers also will. This is not a defect, and is normal. Do not worry, your rug is not falling apart, it is simply the “extra”, loose fibers coming out. This will stop soon after a few vacuuming’s.

“Sprouts” are a normal part of owning an area rug with loops. If long ends appear, do not pull them! This is not a defect in your rug, but a condition called “sprouting”. This condition is common with all rugs, especially hand-hooked and machine-hooked rugs. Simply use a pair of scissors to carefully cut the sprouts even with the surface of the rug.

A rug cushion will help extend the life of your rug. Even if your rug is not sliding around, or has large furniture on it; rug cushion helps. The rug cushion will absorb the steps and traffic, rather than the rug fibers themselves. We have two style of rug cushion available.

  • The first, called “Comfortgrip” is thin and designed to hold the rug in place and absorb step and traffic wear.
  • The most popular is called “Luxhold”. It not only absorbs traffic, but gives you cushion to really enjoy your rug and absorbs room noise.

Both cushions are guaranteed not to damage your floor underneath. Be wary of inexpensive rug cushions, they are usually made of inferior latex/rubber that may have a chemical reaction with your floor and change the color.

We can also apply Stain Protector. This is a very inexpensive insurance to help your rug repel soil and stains. We use a professional stain protector that fully coats all sides of the fiber. It “behaves” more like a clear carpet dye, than a coating.

Care and cleaning will prolong the life of any rug. We recommend the following:

REGULAR VACCUUMING - not only keeps your rug clean, but pulls the fibers up to stand proud as the day you purchased your rug.
CLIP LONG ENDS - longer fibers may work to the surface after use or vacuuming. Never pull these ends out - clip them off even with the rug's surface in order to not cause any damage to the rug's weave. 
CLEAN SPILLS AND SPOTS IMMEDIATELY - but never rub a spill. Always blot to prevent fraying of the yarns. We recommend a very light solution (1-2 TB per gallon) of Woolite and warm water. NEVER use dish soap. Also, most carpet cleaner spotters will work. Using a wet/dry vacuum will give you the best results to remove all of the stain or soil in a spot. However, be sure to test cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area to be sure the cleanser will not damage the fiber. 
PROFESSIONALLY CLEAN PERIODICALLY - to remove deep-down dirt and grime.

ROTATE RUGS PERIODICALLY - regular traffic will begin to show eventually, so be sure to rotate rugs in order to create even wear across the entire rug surface